We will offer Novice and Varsity Policy Saturday through Monday, January 13-15, 2018. We will run six preliminary rounds in Varsity and five preliminary rounds in Novice. The Varsity division will break to Double Octafinals and the Novice division to Octafinals. Policy rounds will be at the high school.

Entry Limits: Initially, each program is limited to 6 entries in varsity policy and four entries in novice policy. Extra entries will go on a waiting list, but please note that our first priority is to grant entries to additional schools, rather than increasing the number of entries for schools who have already been admitted.

Judges: Schools should make every effort to cover their entries with qualified judges. Schools must provide one judge per 1-2 teams in each division – this means you need to cover your varsity entry separately from your novice teams. For example, if you have two varsity teams and one novice team in policy, you need two judges, one for each pool. Advanced, experienced debaters (third or fourth year) may judge in the novice division but may not cover varsity entries. Very qualified judges are expected in the varsity division. We will use MJP in Varsity. We cannot accept judging changes after prefs open; judge name changes after that point will be assessed a drop fee.