Fees & Deadlines


  • $25 school fee. If your payment is postmarked by 1/3/18, we will waive the school fee
  • $80 per Varsity Public Forum team
  • $60 per Novice Public Forum team
  • $100 per entry covered by hired judging (in either division)

Dates & Deadlines:

Please note that these deadlines are absolute last-minute deadlines; often divisions will fill up, long in advance of these deadlines.

Entry fees will be halved for Urban Debate League programs outside of the Greater Boston Area. Fee reductions DO NOT apply to hired judge fees or the school fee. Email us at biglex@tabroom.com to request half fees.

All deadlines are at midnight.

Registration Opens 5 PM November 5, 2017
New Entries Due 3 PM January 3, 2018
Entry Fees Frozen

Judging Info Due

11 AM January 5, 2018

5 PM January 8, 2018

You can drop online, without nuisance fees until 11 PM January 11, 2018