We offer a single division of Public Forum on Saturday and Sunday, January 14-15, 2017. If there is interest, we will offer a Novice Breakout to semis, for the four best first year PF teams not advancing to the elimination rounds in the Varsity Division. We will use the January resolution, to be announced December 1 by the NSDA.  PF rounds will be at the high school.

Entry Limits: Initially, each program is limited to 5 entries per division. Extra entries will go on a waiting list, but please note that our first priority is to grant additional schools entries rather than granting schools a sixth (or more) entries.

Judges: Schools should make every effort to cover their entries with trained judges. Schools must provide one judge per 1-3 entries. You may not cover PF entries with judges from other divisions. We will offer a judge training at 8:30 AM at the tournament. We will offer a small number of judge strikes in Public Forum Debate; we cannot accept judge name changes after the strike sheet has opened.

The PF tournament will follow the same schedule for Varsity LD above, but may move more quickly, if possible, to allow for the existence of a Runoff Round, if necessary to ensure that as most, if not all, 4-2s clear to an elimination round. Please note: If a Runoff Round is held, ALL JUDGES remain obligated to judge in the varsity doubles (or novice semis breakout round). Runoff Rounds recognize that clearing or not clearing can rely on tenths of a speaker point over six debates, but doubles debates cannot happen without the full complement of judges.