Registration for LD events is 12:30-2:15 in the Science Lecture Hall. Classes are still in session, please be considerate! If you have not registered by 2:15pm, you will not be on the round one pairing.

This schedule is tentative; if we can single-flight Saturday VLD rounds we will accelerate the schedule accordingly. Each round will be announced in the cafeteria; please pay attention.

Tentative Schedule

5:00 pm Online registration*
9:00 – 10pm  Housing (HS cafeteria)Saturday
8:00 am   Onsite Registration*
9:00 am   Round 1
11:30 am  Round 2
1 pm      Lunch
2:00 pm   Round 3
4:30 pm   Round 4
7:30 pm   Housing (Clarke cafeteria)
8:00 am     Round 5
10:30 am    Round 6 Varsity / Novice Octos
12:30 pm    Lunch
1:00 pm     Varsity Doubles / Novice Quarter
2:15 pm     Novice Semis
3:30 pm     Varsity Octos / Novice Finals
5:00 pm     Varsity Quarters
6:15 pm     Varsity Semis
7:30 pm     Varsity Finals


If it becomes clear that a large number of 4-2s will be left out of the Doubles round in Varsity LD, or that only a handful of 3-2s will clear in Novice LD, we may elect to add a Runoff Round. Doing so will not be possible if Sunday’s prelims do not BEGIN AND END on time. If a Runoff Round is held in either division (or both), ALL JUDGES in that division remain obligated to judge in the varsity doubles, or novice octas. Runoff Rounds recognize that clearing or not clearing can rely on tenths of a speaker point over five or six debates, but the first full elim cannot happen without the full complement of judges, so no judge obligation ends until AFTER the first FULL elim debate.