Student Housing

Housing hosted by Lexington families is available for competing students and student judges in the novice divisions. We will accept the first 250 requests for Friday and Saturday nights and the first 150 requests for Sunday night. We reserve the right to close housing when we have received the allotted number of requests, so respond quickly is very important.

Housing must be requested separately for each day through

Please understand that meeting the *entry* deadline does not guarantee that housing is available – we have often filled up housing far in advance of the entry deadline.

Students should bring sleeping bags, towels and other necessities for an overnight stay. Coaches and other adults are very much encouraged to stay in our official Block at the Burlington Marriott. We do not want to charge extra fees for folks who do not stay in the Block, but we need the Comp Rooms we get for our hired judges, and hired judges make the tournament better for everyone, so we really appreciate your support.