The Michael Bacon Coaching Award

The Michael Bacon Coaching Award was established in 1989 to honor coaches and judges who serve debate but are not classroom teachers. Any person — head coach, assistant coach, or judge — who meets this description is eligible. A complete list of previous recipients can be found below. Nominations solicited from the community are judged by a committee consisting of former recipients, Lexington staff, and Lexington team captains.

Michael Bacon

Michael Bacon

In 2008, the coaching award was named in memory of Michael Bacon, an assistant coach at Newburgh Free Academy, after his tragic passing in November 2007.  Michael was a dedicated member of the Northeast and national debate communities for many years in both policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate. He was supportive to students and fellow coaches everywhere, from any program. Michael himself was not a classroom teacher, and was a recipient of the Lexington Coaching Award in 2002. He thus exemplified the spirit of this award with his selfless dedication to debate and debaters as a whole.

If you would like to nominate a coach for the Michael Bacon Coaching Award, please send it along with a brief description of the nominee to us using the tournament contact form.

Past recipients include:

  • 1989: Dr. David Glass — Edgemont High School (NY)
  • 1990: Roger Leon — Newark Science High School (NJ)
  • 1991: Mark T. Prutsalis — Lexington High School (MA)
  • 1992: Jim Gentile — Georgetown Day School (DC)
  • 1993: Don Gibbons — Manchester High School (MA)
  • 1994: Diana Dunker — Newark Science High School (NJ)
  • 1995: Gabriel Fried — Lexington High School (MA)
  • 1996: John Niedfeldt-Thomas — Thomas A. Edison High School (VA)
  • 1996: Phyllis Hirth — Hendrick Hudson High School (NY), The Bronx High School of Science (NY)
  • 1997: Kurt Shelton — Lakeland High School (NY)
  • 1998: P.J. Wexler — Boston Latin School (MA)
  • 1999: Lynne Coyne — Newark Science High School (NJ)
  • 2000: Jordyn Buchanan — Stuyvesant High School (NY)
  • 2001: Jim Menick — Hendrick Hudson High School (NY)
  • 2002: Michael Bacon — Newburgh Free Academy (NY)
  • 2003: John Rains — Tampa Preparatory School (FL)
  • 2004: Abdul Beretay — Bergenfield High School (NJ)
  • 2005-2007: Not awarded
  • 2008: Brian Manuel — Cathedral Preparatory School (PA)
  • 2009: Chris Palmer — Newton South High School (MA), Milton Academy (MA)
  • 2010: Michael Antonucci — Lexington High School (MA)
  • 2011: Jim Schultz — Head-Royce School (CA)
  • 2012: Eric Beane — Katy Taylor High School (TX)
  • 2013: Aracelis Biel — The Collegiate School (NY)
  • 2014: Jonathan Chavez — Citizen of the World (MA)
  • 2015: Marc Rischitelli — Shrewsbury High School (MA)
  • 2016: Tom Evnen — University School (FL)
  • 2017: Alex Zavell — Head-Royce School (CA)
  • 2018: Sarah Donnelly — Natick High School (MA)